Monday, July 21, 2008

Enjoying the Past: Tribute to Manuel Conde

Sorry for the late post. It has been a week or more since my last entry. Today, I won't be posting trivias. Instead, i'll be sharing this fun experience I had for the past few days.

As you all know, the recent Cinemalaya had just ended. Along with the films produced by some of the industry's young & fine moviemakers, a tribute event was also made for the person who introduced Independent cinema. He is none other than:

Manuel Urbano a.k.a. Manuel Conde

He is well-known for portraying the satirical comedy "Juan Tamad" series as it targets the social and political issues of our country. Other than that, he is the first Filipino whose 1950 film 'Genghis Khan' was screened in international film festivals. He directed movies in LVN, Lebran and his very own MC productions until his retirement in the early 80s. Some of the movies he directed are:

Sawing Gantimpala (1940)
Maginoong Takas (1940)
Hiyas ng Dagat (1941)
Binatillo (1941)
Villa Hermosa (1941)
Ararong Ginto (1941)
Ibong Adarna (1941)
Caviteno (1942)
Prinsipe Tenoso (1942)
Orasang Ginto (1946)
Ala-ala Kita (1946)
Principeng Hindi Tumatawa (1946)
Apat na Alas (1950)
Senorito (1953)
Ang Ibong Adarna (1955)
Pilipino Kostum - No Touch (1955)
Ikaw Kasi! (1955)
Handang Matodas (1956)
Krus Na Kawayan (1956)
Bahala Na (1956)
El Robo (1957)
Basta Ikaw (1957)
Tingnan Natin (1957)
Casa Grande (1958)
Venganza (1958)
Bayanihan (1959)
Juan Tamad Goes to Society (1960)

MC (Manuel Conde) Productions:
Doon Po sa Amin (1946)
Nabasag ang Banga (1947)
Si Juan Tamad (1947)
Si Juan Daldal (Anak ni Juan Tamad) (1948)
Vende Cristo (1948)
Prinsipe Paris (1949)
Siete Infantes De Lara (1950)
Genghis Khan (1950)
Juan Tamad Goes to Congress (1959)
Molave (1961)

Lebran Productions:
Sigfredo (1951)

Zultana International:
Si Juan Tamad at si Juan Masipag sa Pulitikang Walang Hanggan (1963)

I didn't post his other works though he was fond of creating documentaries. Special thanks to my mom and grandpa for buying me this:

My source on everything that is posted in this entry

I really felt bad for missing the opening night of Conde's film festival. Big stars were there.. Imagine, if typhoon Helen did not come, I could have shaken hands with Ms. Delia Razon, Mr. Eddie Garcia, Well-known director Mike De Leon, Director Joel Lamangan and many more. Oh well, there is always a next time. I hope..

Anyway, I was checking out some articles on the family's newspaper Star, and found out that there will be another film showing in tribute to one of the stars from the Golden era. She is none other than Ms. Rosa Rosal. I checked out the details on the net but there was still no announcement. But whatever happens, rest assured, I will be there. :)

Oh by the way, here are the photos my fellow v.angel and friend Jesy took after watching the movie:

With my buddy Manuel

Posing with his works

The manuscripts and his family photos

Taking a photo of the movie we watched

Title of the movie is Krus na Kawayan under LVN Pictures, directed by Mr. Conde himself. :) Special thanks to Ms. Jesy Lourish Javier for coming with me all the way from UST to CCP. :)

To be honest, despite of the crude lights and sounds quality of the film, I really appreciated the story and how good the actors and actresses were. I even saved the ticket and stored in my everyday planner :)

I only spent 50 pesos for a timeless classic. Not bad right? :)

Even if I wasn't able to attend the main event, I am still happy to see and experience the product itself. I am happy to know that the industry is aware and still appreciates Filipino Classic movies. Through these events, I am once again inspired, fueled and reminded to make the best out of what I can for this project.

Oil price increase? Heck. I am driven to go miles for this. Til next! :)


Gil Garcia Velez said...

Hi Justine,

Good blogs here.

Hope you get to interview my uncle, Tito Jun Urbano, aka Mr. Shoolie.

Gil Velez

the only juz said...

Thank you sir! I already posted our conversation with Mr. Urbano.. I had fun talking to him and also learned a lot. :)

Jinky Winky and Mr. Jinky said...
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